WiseHarvesting: What considerations are there for turning off WiseHarvesting?

If you wish to turn off WiseHarvesting, your Axos Invest account(s) will continue to be rebalanced in the most efficient way possible, but please note that we will no longer monitor your account to try to find deduction opportunities between securities. In some cases, this can result in wash sales erasing the losses that were harvested over the 30 days prior to the date you turned off WiseHarvesting.

Another thing to note is that the securities in your account at the time of turning off WiseHarvesting will remain in your account since we will no longer be monitoring for harvesting opportunities. There's nothing wrong with this since we worked hard to pick the best alternate securities, but it's important to be aware of it.

Finally, regardless of whether you turn WiseHarvesting on or off, Axos Invest will continue to monitor the allocation of securities in your account and rebalance as necessary to ensure you are close to your target allocation of securities.

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