Does Axos Invest have any closing fees?

There may be fees for closing your account charged by Apex Clearing. Apex Clearing Corporation is a clearing corporation who handles custody, execution, confirmation, settlement, and delivery of your funds and securities in your account.

Taxable Personal Investment Accounts do not have a closing fee associated with them. There is no charge to close your individual investment account.

All IRA accounts (Traditional, Rollover, Roth, and SEP) have a $10 closing fee.

In any account, if you wish to transfer securities from your current WiseBanyan account directly to another brokerage firm, Apex Clearing will charge a $75 transfer fee.

All fees are charged from your account once Axos Invest or Apex receives your request to transfer or close your account.

For more information about the account transfer fee or IRA closing fee, please review our standard commission and transfer fee schedule.


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