How does Managed Portfolios make money?

Our business model is designed to not rely on charging fees based on the size of our customers’ accounts (otherwise known as the "assets under management" or "AUM" fee). This means we don’t earn money based on your account size, but rather for products and services that provide additional value to you.

The premise is simple: you can choose from our additional products and services that are designed to add value to your current financial situation rather than paying a "one-size-fits-all" asset-based (AUM) fee for services you probably won’t use. Our customers will never be obligated to select our services and can opt-in at any time based on our recommendation or their own intuition. The end result is we don’t need to require a minimum account size (because we don’t get paid based on the value of your account), we can provide the most objective financial recommendations (because we’re never trying to unnecessarily increase the value of your account), and we can value all clients equally (because it’s up to you to use our paid products and services).

Full transparency – we don't make money off our clients by selling their personal information, receiving kickbacks/commissions for recommending investment funds, or showing annoying ads. 

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