How much does Tax Protection cost?

Each month the cost will be the lesser of 0.02% of your average Axos Invest account value (0.24% annually) or $20. You can turn this off at any time, and we'll only charge you for the time you had the Tax Protection package on.

We cap monthly costs to $20 to let our clients enjoy unlimited potential value over the cost as their account values grow, and makes sure we don't value larger value accounts significantly more than those just starting out.


The above does not include any minimums charged for IRA accounts. Please see below for more detail.

Maintaining an IRA under Tax Protection has a $10 annual minimum cost. In the event your fees don't reach the minimum, we'll automatically top off your final annual invoice with the remaining difference. Closing an IRA account also incurs a one-time $10 closing fee. 

We believe our unique approach to pricing is one of the most exciting aspects of our premium packages because it provides a clear value-added service. On top of that, we're reversing the traditional model of earning infinite levels of fees based on client account values to create one that is fully transparent, beneficial to, and aligned with our clients' interests. 

You can learn more about or turn on Tax Protection here:

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