How can I withdraw money?

To start the withdrawal process, once logged into your account:

  • Click Funding from the top menu
  • Choose Transfer Funds
  • Click the icon for the Milestone you wish to withdrawal from. This will move to the "From box"
  • Click the icon for the bank account. This will move to the "To" box
    • Be sure that the bank account we have on file is up to date. If you need to update the bank account, you will want to do so before you request the withdrawal. (How to update Bank )
  • Click "Withdraw Funds" and enter the amount you want to withdrawal
  • Click "Review Withdrawal"
  • Confirm the withdrawal information and click "Confirm Withdrawal"

Your withdrawal should process in 5-7 business days. You can see more about what occurs behind the scenes once you request a withdrawal here: What happens after I request a withdrawal?

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