What is the difference between Instant Bank Link and Manual Bank Link?

With Instant Bank links we receive the bank confirmation directly from your bank. This is done by selecting the bank name from the list (or by searching for the name) and then providing the bank credentials asked for. An instant bank link allows us to link your bank account without any further steps needed from you. 
Manual Bank links can be done for bank accounts that do not allow for an instant bank link. When manually adding a bank account it will require an additional step from you. After a manual bank link is set up, Axos Invest will send two micro-deposits to your bank account and these amounts then need to be confirmed by you via your Managed Portfolios account. The bank link does not become active and ready to use until the micro-deposits are confirmed. After the Manual bank link is provided it can take 2-5 days for the micro-deposits to be in your bank account. 
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