How do I assign a Custom Portfolio or Feature Portfolio to my milestones?

You can either assign a Custom Portfolio or Featured Portfolio to a milestone when you create the new Custom or Feature Portfolio or – after the portfolios are created and in your Portfolio Plus Library – you can also assign it by going directly to your Milestone.

Assign a portfolio as you create your Custom or Featured Portfolio:

Once you have Portfolio Plus activated, you can create a new portfolio here or by logging into your account. Once logged in, click on Packages > Portfolio Plus > See It in Action

Create a new Custom Portfolio by choosing Create New Portfolio. Create a new Custom Portfolio by selecting the investments you’d like to include or start with one of the Featured Portfolios under the Featured tab.

Once you’ve selected the investments for your Custom Portfolio or chosen a Featured Portfolio, you’ll be able to choose or edit the allocation for each of the investments in the portfolio to equal 100%.

Next, you can personalize the portfolio by naming it and adding a splashy new description.

With the portfolio created, you can assign it to any of your milestones! If you are not ready to invest in the portfolio just yet, you can always skip this step and it will save the portfolio to your Portfolio Plus Library so that you can assign it to your milestones later.

Using the details page of your milestone to assign a portfolio from your Portfolio Plus Library:

If you’ve already created a Custom or Featured Portfolio you want to use and it’s in your Portfolio Plus Library, you can assign it your milestones!

  • From the Overview page, select the milestone to update
  • Click the Edit tab on the milestone details page
  • Select Portfolio

If you choose either the “Stocks and Bonds” or “Stocks, Bonds, and Cash” option, you’ll have the option to assign the Axos Invest Core Portfolios or any of the Portfolio Plus portfolios you’ve created.

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