What investments are available in Portfolio Plus?

With Portfolio Plus, you can design portfolios using an expanded list of investments across a variety of asset classes and sectors, including those that are available in our Core Portfolios

The full list of investments is included below:

  • US Market (Stocks)
  • Foreign Markets (Stocks)
  • Emerging Markets (Stocks)
  • High-Grade Corporate (Bonds)
  • Short-Term Corporate (Bonds)
  • High-Yield Corporate (Bonds)
  • US Treasuries (Bonds)
  • TIPS (Bonds)
  • Short-Term Treasuries (Bonds)
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (Stocks)
  • Blockchain (Stocks)
  • Precious Metals (Stocks)
  • Internet Innovators (Stocks)
  • Consumer Staples (Stocks)
  • Socially Minded (Stocks)
  • Municipal Bonds (Stocks)
  • Large Cap (Stocks)
  • Mid Cap (Stocks)
  • Small-Cap (Stocks)
  • Clean Energy (Stocks)
  • Healthcare (Stocks)
  • Water (Stocks)
  • Utilities (Stocks)
  • Home Builders (Stocks)
  • Defense (Stocks)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Stocks)
  • Digital Security (Stocks)
  • Banking and Finance (Stocks)
  • Marijuana (Stocks)
  • Wonder Woman (Stocks)
  • Oil and Gas (Stocks)
  • Municipal Bonds (Bonds)


You can read more about each of these investments in our FAQ here.

Do you have Portfolio Plus activated? You can see all the investments you have access to here.

Do not have Portfolio Plus activated yet? You can learn more about the investments we offer here.




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