IRA contribution years on deposits

Initial deposits

All initial deposits are coded for the then-current year. For example:

  • Initial deposit for an IRA account processed on 12/15/2017. This is a 2017 contribution.
  • Initial deposit for an IRA account processed on 03/15/2018. This is a 2018 contribution. 


Auto-deposits are coded for the current year of when the auto-deposit was processed. 

One-time deposits: 

From January 1st of each year until the deadline in April, clients can choose which year to contribute one-time deposits. The deadline is often in the 1st or 2nd week of April and will be communicated each year. 

  • One-time deposits, before WiseBanyan's April deadline: Clients have the option on the funding process in the dashboard, iOS, or Android app to chose the tax year for their one-time deposit.
  • One-time deposits, after WiseBanyan's April deadline: All one-time deposits after the deadline are coded for the then-current year. 

Review your deposits’ contribution year: 

To review your contributions year, please review your statement where this information is shown on one of the last pages including the total amount of your deposits made. 

To review your deposits made for a current year:

  • Click on the Retirement Milestone
  • Choose “Past”
  • Scroll to the bottom and view the YTD contribution number


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