What are Formulas?

It's all about timing. Formulas are a free feature that helps you seize the moment and build towards your goals by catching opportunities when the time is right.

You can create and customize formulas to automatically capture opportunities using the cash saved in your Wallet. Once a formula is set up, it will monitor your account and take action when the opportunity is available.

Here’s a quick peek at the formulas we offer:

  1. Round-Up - Top off your milestones each day with your cash.
  2. Dividend Match - Achieve your goals faster by matching the dividends you earn.
  3. Bargain Hunting - Automatically buy more when your portfolio goes on sale.
  4. Level Up - Take your milestone up to the next $1,000 level.

Please note that Formulas and the Wallet work with only your taxable Personal Investment Account and currently do not cover IRAs or other accounts you have with Axos Invest Managed Portfolios.

Seize the moment and check out or create Formulas: Create Formulas

What is my wallet?

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