What is happening on August 1, 2020?

Beginning August 1, 2020, a 0.24% annual advisory fee will be charged to all Axos Invest accounts. We contemplated the decision to move to an advisory fee very carefully. This change will allow us to explore ways to continue to improve your investing experience.

Your account will still have all the great baseline offerings like automatic rebalancing and trading, and will now automatically include all of our premium features including:

  • Tax-Loss HarvestingTurns minor losses in your portfolio into tax deduction opportunities.
  • Fast MoneySpeeds up deposits so money can be put into your portfolio faster. You can also customize the frequency of your deposits to fit your budget and schedule.
  • Selective Trading - Lets you remove the ETFs you hold in other investment accounts to help minimize the potential for wash sales. This can also be helpful if you decide to eliminate a particular ETF from your portfolio. 
  • Portfolio Plus Enables you to create a customized portfolio from over 30 investment options that you can add or remove from your portfolios at any time. We think you’re going to really like this one.
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